When making organic fertilizers, if the raw material particles are too large, it will not only affect water regulation, but also affect the mixing uniformity of materials.

Especially for some materials with large lumps or high cellulose content, such the composting of horse manure, if they are not broken to a certain extent, they will slow down the microbial decomposition rate.

Such as the common cow dung and straw compost. If the straw is not crushed before composting, even in summer, the whole composting process will cost two months; if the straw is crushed into 10 cm pieces, it will be completely decomposed in less than one month; if the rice straw is ground into 3 ~ 5mm straw powder, the complete decomposition time is only 10 ~ 15 days.

For faster composting of organic fertilizer materials, you can choose compost turning machines. They can compost the fertilizer materials in only one week.