To get more profits from organic fertilizers, the best way is to improve the nutrient purity. There are two suggestions:

Roughing of raw materials–screening

The raw materials of organic fertilizer are always some animal manures, industry wastes, sludge and so on. There are many useless materials, which are not suitable to be fertilizer, but also harmful. To pick them out, you can choose screening machine. This equipment can screen out the redundant matters from the raw materials. After screening, the quality of fertilizer can be partly improved.

Fine finishing–composting

This is the deep processing of screened materials, and it’s mainly suitable for composting animals waste. With the help of composting equipment, manures can get fine fermenting. Because of the high temperature when composting, the plant weeds, pest eggs and other harmful materials can be greatly destroyed. As a result, the fertilizer products have better quality and competitiveness.