Organic fertilizer materials always are some animal wastes or livestock manures. These materials always have bad smells, which are bad to environment and people’s health. So how to solve the odor? You may get the solution from the following content.

  1. Make a good formula of raw materials and keep the raw materials mixed well. Before composting, the livestock manures always need to be mixed with some auxiliary materials. Mixing them evenly can partly reduce the bad smells of manures.
  2. Store raw materials as quickly as possible. If you don’t collect and store the raw materials in time, the materials may compost naturally, produce bad smells. The fertilizer efficiency also will be reduced.
  3. Keep the moisture content of materials about 30%.
  4. Ensure the air permeability of raw materials. If the materials can’t contact enough air, the anaerobic fermentation will occurs, which will cause serious bad smeels.
  5. Make sure the composting site is flat ground, prevention of puddles and ponding.
  6. Keep the composting machine clean and dry.