loading and delivery of rotary coating machine

Set up an organic fertilizer making plant is not a easy project. A reasonable organic fertilizer plant layout can bring you quality fertilizer products and wonderful profits. The first thing to select a suitable organic fertilizer production line is to know the process of making organic fertilizer. The main process of making organic fertilizer is composting, crushing, granulating, drying and packing. More detailed process contains mixing, cooling, screening, coating and so on.

The selection of organic fertilizer producing line always depends on the raw materials. For example, in the crushing process, according to the water content of the raw materials, the selection of the fertilizer crushing machine is also different. For high moisture content materials, you can choose a semi-wet fertilizer crushing machine. For dry fertilizer materials, such as dry cow manure, dry chicken dung, the vertical crusher will be very efficient.

When granulating, the choosing of fertilizer granulator depends on the fiber size of the raw materials. The finer fibers such as chicken manure and pig dung are usually granulated by disc grnaulator or rotating drum granulator; raw materials of crude fiber like cow manure and horse manure are suitable for flat extrusion granulator.

In the drying process, if the budget is sufficient, we often recommend customers to install a cooling machine with the drying equipment. It’s mainly to prevent agglomeration caused by overheating of particles. After granulating, you can also choose coating machine or polishing machine to make the fertilizer granules more beautiful and uniform.