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Rotary Drum Granulator Fertilizer Making Plan

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Rotary drum granulator is the most typical large scale wet granulating machine. So the fertilizer producing factories with rotary granulator always has excellent capacity. If you want to build a large scale fertilizer making factory, the drum granulator fertilizer producing plant is really suitable. This kind of fertilizer making process not only can be

Differences between SX Fertilizer Granulating Machines

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1. Disk Type Granulator The disc granulator is composed of inclined pelletizing disc, driving device, feeding pipe, material liquid sprayer, scraping plate, etc. Due to the small investment and low operation cost of the disc granulator, it is widely used in organic fertilizer production factories. It is mainly used for rolling pellet granulation with

Advantages of SX Wheel Type Compost Turner

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SX wheel type compost turner is suitable for making large scale poultry manure composting fertilizer. It’s also our best-selling large composting equipment. So why it has good reputation in composting machines? The following may be the reasons: 1.Excellent capacity: Our wheel type compost turner is designed for large quantity poultry manure composting. It’s smallest

How to Improve the Efficiency of Organic Fertilizer Crusher?

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Material selection is the core. When selecting materials, pay attention to the hardness of materials. The harder the material is, the more difficult it is to crush, and the more serious the damage to the crushing equipment will be. When the moisture content in the material is large, the material is easy to adhere

What are the Characteristics of Moving Type Compost Turner?

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Working principle of self-moving manure turner: diesel engine is used as power source, working through power transmission system, materials are rotated by composting teeth, and composting fermentation of fertilizer is controlled by personnel driving. Features of moving type compost turner: It is more suitable for the mechanism and process requirements of microbial fermentation of poultry manure.

What is the Procedure to Make Organic Fertilizer?

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There are three forms of organic fertilizer you can make: composting fertilizer, powder fertilizer and granular fertilizer. Making composting fertilizer doesn’t need many steps. You just need to build composting groove or pile raw materials into long windrows. Then choosing appropriate organic fertilizer turning equipment to help materials get better fermenting. After composting, you

Moisture Requirement of Organic Fertilizer Granulation

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In the working process of organic fertilizer granulating machine, it is required that the material has a certain viscosity. Some raw materials are loose after fermentation, and it is not easy to granulation. If it is not easy to granulation, some water or adhesive should be added to increase the viscosity of the material.

Notes on Pelleting Poultry Manures

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1. Dewatering Poultry manures have high moisture content, which will affect the granulating process of them. Therefore the dewatering of animal manure by solid-liquid separator machine is very necessary. 2. Composting Poultry animals always don’t have good digestive capacity. So there are some useless materials in their manures, such as pest eggs and plant


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