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What causes high temperature of rotary granulator bearing?

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Rotary drum granulator is an important machine in compound fertilizer making factories, which is used for large scale fertilizer materials granulating. Besides compound fertilizer granulating, it also can be used for organic fertilizer manufacturing line. But we learned some customers found the problem of high temperature of the gearing. That may affect the performance

Rotary Drum Granulator Fertilizer Making Plan

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Rotary drum granulator is the most typical large scale wet granulating machine. So the fertilizer producing factories with rotary granulator always has excellent capacity. If you want to build a large scale fertilizer making factory, the drum granulator fertilizer producing plant is really suitable. This kind of fertilizer making process not only can be

Characteristics of Rotating Drum Granulating Machine

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As an efficient organic fertilizer granulating machine, the pelletizing rate of rotating drum granulator can reach 90%, and the it’s easy to operate and maintain. The specific advantages are as follows: 1. Increase the material temperature during the operation of the drum granulator, so that the moisture content of the material after pelletizing is low and

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