In the working process of organic fertilizer granulating machine, it is required that the material has a certain viscosity. Some raw materials are loose after fermentation, and it is not easy to granulation. If it is not easy to granulation, some water or adhesive should be added to increase the viscosity of the material. Organic fertilizer equipment pan granulator and rotary granulator are granulated by pellet method. Water or binder will be added in the process of granulation to ensure the smooth granulation of materials. The new organic fertilizer granulator adopts wet granulation method, and the material after fermentation can be directly granulated, without the operation of other processes.

If the moisture content of the material is too high, you can add some dry materials to neutralize the moisture content. If the water content is too low, it is easy to granulation.

Before granulation, there is no need to stop the processing, crushing and composting of raw materials, which can directly realize the batching processing and direct granulation, which not only saves a small amount of power input, but also effectively reduces the cost, and also realizes the greater improvement of task efficiency, which is convenient and fast, and the effect is satisfactory. The new type of organic fertilizer wet granulator also achieves 100% organic content, realizing the exclusive manufacture of pure organic fertilizer.