To make sure the organic fertilizer drying machine run smoothly and normally, the fan system can’t be ignored. There are some things you need to focus on when using fertilizer drying machine:

ShunXin rotary drum drying machine

  1. Frequently observe the operation of the fan. If the flow rate is too large and does not meet the requirements, or a small flow rate is required in a short time, you can use the throttling device for adjustment.
  2. Regularly check the sensitivity of thermometer and oil gauge, and control the oil tank level of bearing within the specified range.
  3. Check the bearing base regularly, clean and add lubricating oil to prevent the bearing from burning out.
  4. If there is any abnormal phenomenon during the start-up, shutdown or operation of the organic fertilizer dryer fan, you should check it immediately.
  5. For the faults found in the inspection, find out the causes and eliminate or deal with them immediately. If they can not be eliminated or major faults are found, they should be stopped immediately for maintenance.