Crawler type fertilizer turning machine is a kind of high efficiency windrow compost turner. It can be used for all kinds of organic fertilizer making plants. For making sure its high performance, the maintenance is very important:

crawler type windrow compost turning machine

  1. Before running the crawler type composting machine, you need to check whether the parts are normal.
  2. When the machine is working, especially around high-speed parts, it’s strictly forbidden to stand around the equipment.
  3. If there is abnormal sound during working, you should stop the machine immediately for inspection. It is confirmed that there is no fault before continuing to work.
  4. If you want to check the composting teeth, transmission shaft or other parts, the machine must stop working. If you want to replace machine parts, the power must be cut off. It’s strictly forbidden to change parts when the engine is not off.
  5. After composting, the winding materials and hardened attachments on the turnover shaft should be removed. And it’s better to check main parts of the machine, such as the composting teeth, circuit facilities, conveyor belt and crawler tightness. If there are something wrong, you can repair the machine in time to prevent the next use.