As we all know, it’s bad for the fertilizer efficiency if the fertilizer products are easy to cake. And why it always happens? As a professional organic fertilizer equipment supplier, we find these reasons may be useful.

  1. The production process of organic fertilizer always is unsealed. So when you making fertilizers, the higher the air moisture content is, the easier the fertilizer materials will absorb moisture and agglomerate. High air moisture content will also make the fertilizer products caking. So it’s better to make fertilizer in dry weather or store the products in dry places.  You can also choose a dewatering machine for fertilizer materials and a fertilizer drying machine for fertilizer products.
  2. For compound fertilizers, there are different chemical fertilizer crystals in the products. If the room temperature and air moisture is high, the compound fertilizer granules is very easy to agglomerate. If you have compound fertilizer production line, dry granulating machine is the best choice for you. The storage of compound fertilizer granules also needs to be a dry environment.
  3. Another reason of fertilizer caking is the storage time. The agglomeration will happen easier when storage time is longer. Long time storage will also affect fertilizer efficiency. If you can’t run out the fertilizers in short time or you want to sell fertilizers, you can choose our fertilizer packing machines. They can help you store the fertilizer products easily and make it easy to sell them.