1. Reduce environmental pollution

With the help of organic fertilizer production equipment, manures from animal farms can be removed at any time. Fresh animal waste is treated by a series of organic fertilizer production equipment, such as composting machine, semi- wet material crusher, mixing machine, fertilizer dryer, etc.

Firstly, the treated manure is to remove the odor; the second is to completely kill all kinds of pathogenic bacteria, insect eggs, grass seeds, etc.; the third is to remove harmful substances and avian influenza viruses. In this way, the maximum reduction of air pollution and environmental transmission damage and loss.

  1. Full development and utilization of resources

Since the organic fertilizer production equipment, a large number of livestock and poultry manure has become a huge and valuable wealth, scientific development and utilization make it into a treasure. It is a good raw material in the production of organic fertilizer, and also brings certain economic benefits to farmers.

  1. Increase economic benefits

Now more and more people use organic fertilizer, and the market of organic fertilizer is very good. Choosing our organic fertilizer equipment, you can get high quality organic fertilizer, which can bring you considerable profits.