Powdery fertilizer may be the composted organic fertilizer or compound fertilizers. Making them into granules is almost the first choice of most people. So what machines can be used for making powdery fertilizer into granules?

Rotary Drum Fertilizer Granulating Machine

NPK fertilizer rotary granulator

In npk fertilizer granulating line, the materials always are powders. We equip rotary drum granulator with the plan to convert the raw materials into granules. Before granulating, you can add moderate water to adjust the materials moisture content to about 30%. Then choose rotating drum granulator to make them into fertilizer granules. To prevent the moisture loss caused by high temperature when granulating, we equip spray system in the feeding port. That greatly improves the granulating rate and utilization of materials.

Compound Fertilizer Roller Extrusion Pelleting Machine

Extrusion granulator for compound fertilizer

Pelletizing compound fertilizer, the best equipment may be roller extrusion granulator. Fertilizer powders with about 15% moisture content can be pressed into fine hardness granules by two roller sheets in one time. Choosing this type of granulator, the suitable materials can be phosphorus, ammonium phosphate, sodium silicate, ammonium sulfate, potassium sulfate, molasse, calcium carbonate. If you want to granulate other materials but don’t know whether they are suitable for roller granulator, our technician can provide you technical guidance or formula suggestions.
Although it’s a kind of small scale dry granulating equipment, we can also make complete layout for you if you want to set up a large compound fertilizer production line with it.

Small Size Pan Organic Fertilizer Granulating Machine

Powder organic fertilizer pan type granulator

In organic fertilizer production lines, the first process always is the composting of fertilizer materials. It can help fertilizer materials get better decomposing and kill pest eggs and grass seeds. During composting, fertilizer materials moisture can be reduced to about 30%-40%. Then you can use the disk granulator to make them into round organic fertilizer granules.
To improve the efficiency of pan granulator, we use rubber scraper to reduce fertilizer sticking on the pelleting disc. Compared to the traditional metal scraper, rubber scraper can clean the machine easily and doesn’t damage the plate surface.