2020 top3 organic fertilizer making machines in SX

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In 2020, we made many deals about organic fertilizer equipment. At the beginning of 2021, we summarized the top sell machines used for producing organic fertilizer in SX. The following is detailed information. Solid-liquid separating machine Making organic fertilizer, the materials always be all kinds of poultry manures and animal waste. As we know,

5 Procedures of Roller Extruding Granulator Fertilizer Making Process

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Roller extruding granulator is also known as double roller extrusion granulator. It’s mainly used for making compound fertilizer pellets by the extruding of two fertilizer roller sheets. With reasonable design and structure, our roller extrusion granulator is always the best sell dry powder fertilizer pelletizer. So how to use the granulator efficiently? 5 steps

Groove Type Organic Fertilizer Aerobic Composting Process

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Composting process is the degrading and stabilizing of organic materials by microorganisms under the appropriate moisture content, oxygen concentration and other conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of killing parasite eggs and harmful microorganisms. The composted material won’t contain pathogenic bacteria and weed seeds, so it’s suitable for application in soil to bring

Method of High Efficiency Utilization of Groove Type Turning Machine

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There are two ways of feeding and discharging when using groove type compost turner: batch and overall feeding and discharging. The characteristics of batch feeding and discharging are feeding at the front end of the composting groove each time, and the material is moved to the other end by working turning machine. The second

Working Conditions of Organic Fertilizer Aerobic Composting

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1. Adjustment of material moisture: the moisture content of composted animal manure should be adjusted to 40-65%. Low moisture content may cause slow fermenting; high moisture content makes poor ventilation. Therefore, if the manures moisture content is too high, you can add some mushroom residue, straw and sawdust. All you can choose our manure

5 Methods of Temperature Control for Organic Fertilizer Drying Machine

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For the drying equipment of organic fertilizer production line, firing temperature is very important, which directly affects the drying quality. So it is very important to control the firing temperature strictly. But the firing temperature will always change, so how to control the temperature of the fertilizer drying machine? 1. If the firing temperature

The Necessity of Crushing Machine in Organic Fertilizer Processing

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1. In the composting process of organic fertilizer making plant, the materials should be crushed. The composting of organic fertilizer needs to be fully turned over. Some raw materials may don’t have suitable particle size, which will affect the composting efficiency. So it is not conducive to the mixing and composting of materials without

There Attention Points when Welding Fertilizer Drying Machine

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Due to the hole diameter, cylinder length and process requirements of organic fertilizer drum dryer, the welding method is selected during installation. It is the best way to install the dryer, but if you can't master the key points and welding quality in the welding process, it will seriously affect the drying effect. In

Ways to Keep High Efficiency of Fertilizer Conveying Machine

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Belt conveyor is the necessary equipment in a complete fertilizer making factory. It can make sure the whole plant work smoothly and is the basis of high efficiency. So the maintenance of fertilizer conveying machine is very important. So what things need to be considered when using fertilizer conveying machine? 1.The belt should be

Three Reasons for Drying Fertiliers after Granulating

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A complete organic fertilizer making plant contains composting, mixing, crushing, granulating, drying and other process. From the surface, since the particles are formed, is it not necessary to dry them? In fact, the drying of granular products is very important. So why do we need to dry the fertilizers after granulation? 1.Reduce the moisture

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